Major Award 2012

Mollie Hughes

climbing mount everest

Their story, in their words…

“On the 19th of May 2012 at 8 am I stood at the highest point on earth. In doing so I became one of the youngest British Women to summit Mount Everest at the age of 21. It had taken months and months of training, fundraising and sheer determination to even get to the base of the mountain; and climbing it was another level all together.

The challenge of climbing Mount Everest was enormous, it pushed my mind and body further than I could have ever imagined. We were living at basecamp for almost two months, acclimatising to the extreme high altitude. The final push to the summit took 6 gruelling days where my body had to cope with, altitude, exhaustion and dehydration. My mind had to deal with the constant threat of death, the uncertainty of what lay ahead and be able to maintain its focus and motivation as my body deteriorated. Reaching the summit of Mount Everest was a truly humbling experience, but we were still only half way through the climb. Statistically most people die when descending the mountain, largely due to exhaustion. I spent 1 1/2days descending Everest; this was the most challenging part of the climb, ignoring exhaustion to maintain focus and determination. Getting back to basecamp after an extremely challenging 7 days on the mountain was the real achievement.

Throughout this whole experience I have learnt so much about myself. I have experienced how to turn an idea into reality, no matter how big and unachievable it first seems. I have learnt how far I can push my mind and body to achieve an ambition; anything is possible if you apply yourself. I have gained courage on the mountain through the experience and control of fear, and have gained confidence through the successful completion of a goal.”