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Our mission is to encourage in young people the personal development that comes from challenge, challenge that makes them more rounded individuals with broader life skills. We ask young people to design, plan and carry out personally demanding non-academic projects of their own choosing, and then we provide funding for these projects. We provide mentoring to help our applicants realise their plans, as required.


We do not tell them what we want them to do, we ask them to choose - to come up with imaginative (and feasible) ideas around their own passions. We anticipate that their projects will be personally transformative, both because they are very interested in their own plans, because each is significant challenge for each individual or group, and because we ask them to take ownership of their project in every way.


The underlying inspiration for our values are those of Lt Mark Evison, who died in 2009 from a gunshot wound in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as a young British soldier: his story inspires many of our young applicants.


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