Major awards

Major Awards of up to £5000 are available to fund people aged 19-25 to undertake challenges with specific goals. The award may be given for an individual or group activity.

The activity should personally benefit the individual(s) but should not involve personal financial gain. Applications for professional or vocational development, or involving activities set by other charities, will not be considered.

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Team applications should show evidence of mutual support, collaboration and team work, and how each individual will contribute and benefit from it.

If other sponsors are involved, the applicant(s) should be in single or joint control, and the activities not be defined or controlled by a third party.

If an award is granted, and funds are raised as a result of subsequent sponsorship, the Foundation asks that 50% of the money raised is donated back to us. If other award funds are involved, the amount returned to us should be proportional to the total donated by us to carry out the project.

The Foundation can bear no responsibility for any way in which the project or challenge is managed or performed. Where an application involves personal risk, a risk assessment should be carried out and the appropriate insurance taken out within the grant by the individual concerned.The Foundation can supply the names of suitable adventurous activities risk assessors.

What we look for

Successful applicants will:

  • Be age 19-25.
  • Have a specific project in your area of interest, which will contribute to your personal development.
  • Show that the project is a challenge at your level of experience.
  • Show that the project is specific to you (rather than coming from another organisation or charity), and that you have been ‘in the driving seat’ throughout.
  • Possess a positive attitude, real enthusiasm and dedication to carry out the project.
  • Provide evidence of research, planning and detailed preparation.
  • Show that the funding from the Foundation is needed to carry out the project.
  • Agree to write a report on the activity afterwards, saying what was learned and achieved, and supply photographs and video footage.
  • Be prepared to present the award experience afterwards, and be ambassadors for the Foundation as requested.

Matched funding, or fundraising on your part will be seen very positively.

Applications are assessed within the context of the aims of the Foundation. The awarding of funds is at the discretion of the trustees, and their decision is final.

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How to apply

To apply for a Major Award see how to apply.