Woodford County High School 2018

Mathangee Senthilkumar, Nishanthika Prabakaran, Tulsi Patel, Anjali Ramdhian, Kirthikaa Sivasubbramaniyam, Sasini Seneviratne, Ilana Aaron


Their story, in their words….

We challenged ourselves to film and produce a short movie on drug awareness, as we believe that this is an issue many young people face today. We initially decided to create a film lasting 15 minutes however we had to reduce our film to last for 5 minutes in order to put our message about drug awareness across effectively and produce a realistic movie. We then set ourselves a time line to complete our tasks by. The first task was to write the script, which took a long time to complete as we needed to present our movie in a friendly way in order to be appropriate for younger viewers. Our next challenge was to organise our filming schedule and actually film the required scenes, which involved some team members going to London in order to collect our hired camera. During the filming process we faced a major obstacle as the camera we had hired produced film with poor quality picture and sound and so we had to improvise by re-shooting some scenes and filming the rest of it on our phones. We had originally planned to film over two full days, however we underestimated the time it takes to film the scenes and so we added on an extra two days to the filming timeline. Once this was done it was over to the editing team to polish the final cuts and piece together the scenes to produce the movie. The editing process was by far the longest one as we had to sift through several cuts of the same scene and pick the best one to use as well as leaving out several scenes due to the time restrictions. We also had to cut the scenes down to enable the movie to flow more. In conjunction with this the music team started creating their own music using garage band on apple devices, to enhance the movie. Once the editing team had finished choosing and cutting the scenes, they moved on to other aspects of the movie, such as transitions and subtitles, to make the movie easier to follow. The final editing took longer than expected as we were not happy with our initial final product because we believed we could do better than that. After the final editing the music was added to the movie and we aim to upload it to Youtube so that we can spread global awareness about a very current issue facing the younger generations. Through this experience, we have developed our organisational skills when arranging the props needed and making a timetable convenient for all members of the team. We have built our self confidence in different areas such as editing and acting and enhanced our ability to work as a team. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience in doing this.