Ursuline High School 2018

Adsayaa Selvamanickam, Nikoline Sangita, Mekjan Aimee, Roberts Monica Manez

5 day hike in Norway


Their story, in their words….

A PowerPoint turned into one of the best experiences we have ever had and will certainly stay with us for a long time.
This was new to us. An independent trip completely planned and organised by us. Once we had been granted to do our hike, we came across our first obstacle. A day before we were set to leave for Norway, a team member of ours unfortunately had to pull out due to personal reasons. This left us trying to salvage how we were going to balance the necessities and food we had planned for 4 between just the 3 of us. After a long night of changing our food plans for our days in Oslo, we were soon in Stansted airport, ready for the challenge ahead of us.

We embarked on a 5 day hike in Norway filled with laughter, and determination and joy. Our hike consisted of a lot of walking, and from picking blueberries to running from cows. We followed trails leading into the forest and walked along county roads. During our trip, motivating each other, and being optimistic was key to ensuring we reached our end goal. The spirits were high! Whilst walking in Nordmarka, the sceneries were unbelievable, from lakes to stunning mountains overlooking the countryside. On the 4th day, we managed to get lost and as we were unsure of where we were going and hiking up steep terrain seemed to be endless and even more tiring. After a couple of hours of logical thinking and some more navigation, we managed to get back on track with our hike back to the campsite. On our last day, when we reached the train station, the feeling of exhaustion and pride combined together, and we truly felt a sense of achievement and that this manageable, yet physically demanding challenge was worth it.

We want to say thank you on the behalf of Mark Evison, for giving us the opportunity to accomplish this hike that just started out as an idea. We would recommend others to take this chance if given to you, as it is a once in a lifetime chance of completing a goal you thought was never possible. It opens your eyes up to the capabilities of your own body and how hard you can push your body and mind to keep striving for the end goal, and there is nothing better than doing it with the people you love!