Ursuline High School 2018

Annabel Jones, Millie Tucker, Lucy Sutton, Amy Tierney, Nikola Gloc, Emilie-Rose Rajkomar, Eleanor Wheeler

Isle of Wight

Their story, in their words….

What was our challenge?
On Tuesday 28th August we set out from Wimbledon station to Portsmouth harbour by train. Once in Portsmouth we got on a hovercraft over to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. From there we began walking along the coastal path all the way to Shalfleet (we arrived at 8pm). The next day we set off hiking back along the coastal path to Freshwater bay. The walk was stunning with lots of lovely views. On the third day we hiked along the bottom of the island to Ventnor. Finally on the last day we completed the end of the hike and arrived back in Ryde for the journey home.

How did it go?
Overall, the trip was amazing as we got to bond and spend time together away from home. We faced several challenges along the way such as having to figure out how to get on the chain bridge from East Cowes to Cowes. The challenge was physically demanding but we were able to rest each day and solve any problems we had.

What did we get out it?
This challenge, as a whole, built both our team working skills yet also our resilience. As a group we had to overcome challenges , this allowed us to improve our communication skills by working as a group to solve challenges such as closed roads and difficult paths to cross. We are thankful for the Mark Evison Foundation for giving us such a great opportunity to do this, it was an unforgettable experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity!