Thomas Tallis School 2017

Michelle Ofoeghu

KPOP documentary

My project was based around how Kpop is slowly becoming more integrated into the mainstream pop culture we already have, my goal was to have an expert opinion but sadly it did not happen. The next bit of the challenge was to ‘transform’ myself with no help into a Kpop trainee. I organised dance practice singing and Korean practice all by myself and at the end of the week I can to see all that I have done. As much as I didn’t want this to be purely an experiment video than a documentary it just worked out that way. If I had a second chance at doing this it would be to organise myself to the T before I do the project because a lot of my mistakes came from not being organised and validating different aspects of the film eg. camera, space etc. Overall this project has helped me become more aware of how the trainees work so hard and it has helped me realise that most of the things we have are hugely taken for granted (eg. Phones,social media).