St Thomas the Apostle College 2018

Helder Borges, Richard Minta, Emmanuel Okeke

Peckham to Brighton

Their story, in their words….

Our team project that we decided was cycling from Peckham to Brighton on the 23 July (week after school closes), the reason why we chose cycling rather than anything else is because everyone in my group has previous experience of cycling and we wanted to have a challenging experience of cycling with my group by traveling long distances on bikes. The distance from Peckham to Brighton on is around 57 miles we knew that this was going to be a challenge. So in preparation for this challenge my group will be cycling every week this was very important because will learn to cycle on the road which will be very important because some parts of the journey might have roads so we need to be safe as possible on the road to avoid any type of collision. Our group will sometimes go to the gym to build up muscles in our legs, which will be important for the big day because we would be pedaling on the bikes.

During the whole process we had to plan a lot on what we would do during the cycle to Brighton, we had to make a power point presentation explaining what we will need and be doing on the day, we had to get road bikes which will be important for this challenge also a bike repair kit just in case if anyone gets a puncture tire we will be able to make repairs and not be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Also energy bars, water and food supplies will be needed for this challenge. We also had to get insurance to cover us in case if anything goes wrong.

On the 23rd of July we was very successful cycling to Brighton on bikes, this is because we have been training for couple of months at the gym to increase our stamina and build up muscles which will be important for the big day, on the day we started cycling at 7 and arrived at Brighton around 5, we took plenty of water breaks that day because the weather was extremely hot. When we finally reached Brighton we had a rest at the seaside for an hour and cycled to Brighton train station and took a direct train back to London. We enjoyed the experience from cycling from the city to the seaside which is a great experience. What we got out of this experience is to never give up and work as a team because at some point we wanted to give up, but we was determined to reach Brighton and in the end we was very successful cycling to Brighton.