St Thomas the Apostle College 2018

Jesus Correa Fuenmayor, Henry Ha, Akpobome Onojeruo, Chibeze Nwangwu

The Walk

Their story, in their words….

Going on an 80-mile walk wasn’t something we had planned to do over our summer holidays, little did we know that it would be the most challenging adventure we had ever encountered.

Day 1:
The journey started on Golf road after a gruelling 14hr bus ride, from London Victoria to Golf road Ballater, we set sail for a 15km. We soon realized we had vastly underestimated the difficulty of the task in hand. Not only did the queens arrival derail us from our original route leading to an extended walk, we were also forced to camp in a damp marshy land, full of mosquitos and ticks (sadly this will not be the last time we will encounter them). To our surprise the queen had arrived to her home not a stone throw away.

Day 2:
On the following day we embarked on our journey to Lochnagar! This was by far the easiest day. We had gotten used to the environment and the 23km hike felt like it was nothing. However, we were missing the pegs for one of our tents. Meaning we had to share one set of pegs between the two of us this left our tents severely exposed for the wind to have its way with us, causing us to constantly keep waking up in the middle of the night.

Day 3:
After a very rough night we started our walk feeling demotivated as our bodies were feeling the after effect of such an extensive walk and the sleepless nights had begun to catch up with us. As we arrived to Loch Esk after a 21km walk we realized we had some time to spare and decided to walk up a nearby mountain to admire the sunset and the night sky. Unfortunately going down was not as easy as going up.

Day 4:
Feeling motivated as our journey was coming to an end we decided to take some time to absorb the beauty as well as get in touch with fellow travellers from all over the word as far as Australia and Germany! Later in the day we sat down to have a meal near Black Hill only to find out we had left some food at home, meaning we had to share a packet of uncle bens rice between the four of us. We ended the day with an intense game of extreme frisbee.

Day 5/6:
After a freezing cold night, we woke up to find out the tick spray had not worked and Jesus and Henry were full of ticks!!! Fortunately, we found a tick card in the first aid kit. Day 6 was relatively boring as we walked to Ballater to end our amazing journey. We then took a bus back to Aberdeen to then take a coach back to London.

This trip has allowed us to take a break from a very stressful year of A-levels and life. We would like to thank everybody part of the Mark Evison for giving us the opportunity of a life time, to do something we never thought we would do.