St Philomena’s Catholic High School 2016

Poppy Blackshaw, Francesca Kingston, Sophie Moore

walk for the wild

Their story in their words ……

“Some may envisage a ‘Walk for the Wild’ as rather exotic, trecking over mountains and through jungles to reach base camp. Instead, for 2 days at the beginning of September, our small group of 3 embarked on a 75km hike across across the rolling countryside of Devon and Cornwall. Whilst not as ‘wild’ as a jungle, the challenge remained, and as we struggled up the hill to Okehampton Castle after 2 marathon walks, we could not comprehend the feat we had just achieved. Despite stinging nettles, and a fear of animals (which became very problematic in the countryside) and the rain which did not stop for two whole days we persevered, and slowly step by step, stride by stride we came closer to our goal.

We all met on an expedition to Borneo, where we found ourselves out of our comfort zones. We wanted to prove to ourselves that the fighting spirit we found then was still here now. This walk allowed us to do so, whilst also allowing us to promote the importance of protecting the environment and fundraising for the Mark Evison Foundation along the way. Those two days pushed us to the limit, and at times we doubted our abilities. But it was with friendship and determination that we overcame all barriers, with smiles and tears along the way.

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph,” is a quote that rings true in this instance. To be able to walk two marathons in two days was not only a triumph over our reservations and doubt, but also a triumph of resilience and strength. It has also provided us with some memories we will never forget and bought us closer as a group: whether it be from me falling down in the first 10 minutes of the walk, or numerous wrong turns, this was an adventure we will truly never forget. Raising £400 for the Mark Evison Foundation along the way, made the soggy boots and blisters worth it.

As we pulled in to Victoria Coach Station at 7pm on a cloudy Sunday, watching the last day of summer fade around us it began to dawn on us… SCHOOL WAS TOMORROW! But then we realised, school was nothing… we had just walked two marathons in two days. We felt invincible.”