St Paul’s Way Trust School 2018

Moriom Begum, Yasmin Ahmed, Jenna Islam, Umarah Al-Halim, Shanjidah Hussain, Maisha Haque

Seaford to Eastbourne

Their story, in their words….

We met up at 8 AM at Victoria station and then took the train to Bishopstone. At times we wondered if we got on the right train but through hearing Nina on the train tannoy, we were quickly reassured. When we arrived at Bishopstone we were amongst a group of hikers going the same way as us. They seemed much more experienced hikers than us which was a little intimidating! At the start of our trail, we had an excellent view of the seven sisters cliffs which we were about to combat but didn’t anticipate the vast distance that we’d have to walk, not to mention the steepness of the cliffs. Initially for the first cliff and a half we took multiple breaks, not quite understanding the magnitude of the task we’d set ourselves but we gradually we warmed up to it and moved at a much steadier pace.
Our favourite part was when we came across a stream of water preventing us from continuing. Some of us crawled across very narrow remains of a wooden dock whilst others simply ran across the water which was a much quicker option despite ending up with wet socks. In the end, we finished within the estimated four hours with time to spare to look at the view. By the far, the hardest part of the hike was the long walk to the Eastbourne train station. When we saw the town, we were relieved, expecting the hard part to be over but the walk on flat land was equally gruelling. Despite this, there was a red arrow show happening so we were entertained for the rest of the way.
As a whole the hike was a real test of resilience and strength. A real test of friendship, to keep up morale and help the injured. The experience was difficult and it tested our patience. The cliffs seemed endless and parts were some of the steepest places we have ever had to climb. Yet the views from the top and horizons made all the pain worth it. All in all, the experience was challenging yet rewarding.