St Paul’s Way School 2016

Fahim Ahmed, Adil Rahman, Ahmar Hussain

london landmarks bike ride

Their story, in their words….

“It was a life changing journey for the three of us, as one of our key member Harun was not able to attend the journey after a severe injury, and at the same time Fahim suffered multiple friction burns during his training this did not stop the team from giving up and continuing a journey that will push them beyond their limit. At their current situation the team could not see Margate as a feasible destination, so they decided to come up with a back up plan which was ‘LandMarkLondon’. The aim of this challenge was to visit all of London’s famous locations, landmarks and attractions all in one day.

They have learned so much and picked up valuable life skills, overcame fears and utilizing them for their benefits and experienced a taste into the real world. As we picked up the bikes from the bike hire shop we were very cautious and with little confidence we struggled to ride such sophisticated bikes. At first we were agitated to mount the bikes, and cycle through the busy roads of London. Eventually, we got used to riding the road bikes and it became our nature. Appropriately using the correct hand signs and navigating through the busy roads quickly and safely reaching each destination on time.

To wrap our whole journey up we truly put ourselves to the test and decided to cycle all the way from Hyde park to Mile End with no map from our phones. It really felt rewarding as we made it back within 50 minutes by using our own knowledge of the streets and roads of London. Furthermore, this journey has motivated us to continue to complete more challenges in the future, as well as unlock new skills and boost our self esteem. We just want to say thank you for everyone who supported us and a huge thanks to the Mark Evison foundation for helping us achieve such an accomplishment.”