St Paul’s Way School 2016

Zaidul Islam, Mazharul Islam

trekking in cymru

Their story, in their words…..

“Both my brother and I wanted to go trekking. We’ve never done this before and as we enjoyed taking long walks it seemed appropriate. We decided on going to Pembrokeshire, Wales as the coast there is beautiful as well as being able to finding affordable accommodation for our trip. The trip lasted for 6 days with 4 days of walking in which we covered a total of approximately 60 miles.

The initial plan was to do 5 days of walking (80 miles) and stay for a whole week. It was very stressful ensuring everything went to plan especially for sorting out the accommodation. However, after a few days of planning one of our hostels was booked out. At the time I was very worried because it could’ve meant I had to start from scratch. Luckily, it was the first night of accommodation so we cut that day off and changed the date of our coach journey. Just planning the event taught me that it’s very important not just to plan but to not delay too.

The trekking itself was quite difficult because of the hilly nature of the coastal area. However, it honestly didn’t feel that bad when we’d walk past others doing exactly what we were. Many of the people we met were very friendly and so it helped boost our confidence. Now I feel much more comfortable talking with those I don’t know as well as being able to endure difficulty and likewise for my brother.

After this trip, it felt very relieving to be home. However, I cannot deny that I am truly grateful for the experience that the Mark Evison Foundation provided both my brother and I. The trip made me feel like I was making progress to becoming an adult because I had to organise everything myself as well as executing it. As if we couldn’t then we’d have to deal with the consequences.”