St Mary Magdalene Academy 2018

Solomon Arouna, Antonio Floki Molina, Demelza Okwan, Malcolm Sitori, Poppy Foley, Elai Levine-Boateng, Ahmed Ahmed, Ana Parra

Highlands Hike

SMMAHighlands6Overall, the trip to Scotland went swimmingly. After a long 12 hour coach journey, the fresh Scottish air and scenery was a great rejuvenation. As none of us had been to Scotland before, hearing the accent everywhere and interacting with such kind people was very surprising as we were all so used to fast-paced Londoners. Being constantly tested physically and mentally was the most challenging yet rewarding aspect of the trip, as 10-15 miles of walking a day was harder for others with scoliosis, but our team dynamic was definitely brilliant as being able to swap backpacks and share loads kept us going as a team. We didn’t just hike, we also did exhilarating activities such as loch swimming and bird watching by day, then bat and otter spotting at night. Camp life proved to be fun yet often stressful as arguments came about over food rationing and carrying equipment when moving tents, however, we learnt how to compromise quickly to resolve issues head on; so friendships were tested and strengthened. After a member of our team got food poisoning and a few of us getting weaker, being able to alter plans was also a large aspect of the trip so that we all could recover and carry on with the plans. Some became home-sick not being able to talk to family and being drained, whilst others could have stayed longer as they were in their element: but everyone could agree that a nice shower was needed after a long week! We made some great memories and learnt some valuable lessons in survival first-hand by pushing our limits and being out of our comfort zones. It was an unforgettable week of our summer holidays and we would not hesitate to do it again.