St. Mary Magdalene Academy 2015

Angelina Arkorful, Angelina Cardoso, Emmanuel Oguh, Ka Hei Chung

holland walk

Their story, in their words…

Our journey started the day after we arrived in Holland, we were in a new environment and surrounded by people speaking a different language to us. We started the walk in the city of Elst and embarked on a beautiful day. The sun was shining and we were all very enthusiastic to complete the first day, not long into the walk we encountered ourselves that ‘Holland is all flat land’ is a lie as we walked up a relatively steep hill but this did not dampen our mood as music, support (and a bit of singing) got us through. The first day as a whole was great, good weather, everyone was happy with the walk and got to see the natural side of Holland (not usually what people go to Holland to see!). The second and third day was a bit worse, the weather was not great as it was damp and raining pretty badly there were arguments and this was when we started to get tired and frustrated, we were lost for a little while but quickly got back on track. The last day was the most enjoyable as we all knew the end was near and the challenge would be complete once we were done, this was what kept us so alive as we understood that the previous three days would go to waste if we did not finish and fail the challenge we set ourselves.

Overall this was a great experience for the four of us as it definitely showed us that as long as we are determined then anything is possible, which was our main aim from the beginning.”