St. Martin in the Fields High School for Girls 2015

Adaobi Akabuike, Onyeka Akabuike

cycle to newcastle

Their story, in their words…

Day 1. Rain, Rain, Rain. Lucky we had brought a waterproof overall. Finding the route was easy as the national route had signs clearly presented. However, the rain made it an unpleasant experience, this meant that we were cold and everything was wet and muddy, but we ventured forth and finally reached Leicester from Watford.

Day 2. The next morning, after a lot of mud cleaning, we began our journey to Sheffield. But the problem we found was how the sunny weather combined with the uphill climb made the trip more difficult than the previous day had been.

Day 3. By Tuesday morning the strain from the previous two days had begun to kick in and we felt it almost impossible for us to continue. Luckily we had predicted this, and therefore had planned our trip in a way that this was the day we had the least amount of distance to travel.  However, what we did not consider was the weather changing, not fully realising that moving up the map meant that the weather would be a little colder.

Day 4. Wednesday was the finally day that would justify all our hard labour. At this moment the thought to going home to our beds was the only thing that kept us alive and moving.

So we got up early, wore some extra layers as the weather was not to be joked with, and headed to Newcastle. Finding our key pinpoints was a lot harder than anticipated but thanks to the help of the directions of some strangers we were able to find it.  Once we hit the National Cycle route it was smooth sailing to from there. The most frightening part was crossing the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, it was a lot bigger than the Westminster Bridge we were used to, but still we did and finally we were at Newcastle.

We rested and prepared ourselves for the next day, touring Newcastle.”