Charterhouse Memorial Award 2010

James Wood, Harry Moseley, Paul Raleigh, Anthony Buswell

recording studio session

Their story, in their words…

“We spent plenty of time developing our songs, discarding a few and changing some beyond recognition – and set ourselves the target of having three songs ready by October, so that we could book the recording studio for our winter half term.

…We spent three long days at Garage Studios in East Grinstead, managing to record three of our songs. These three days turned out to be a wonderful experience, having the chance to work with a fantastic music producer and experiencing the satisfaction of seeing the songs we had created become recorded tracks.

The award has really motivated us to keep working hard at developing our band into the future taking it beyond a merely a pastime at school to becoming a longer-lasting project. Spending time in the studio represents a stage in our development and we plan to continue writing new songs in the future.”