Richard Challoner School 2017

William Bond, Callum Marriott

3 peaks in 3 days

Climbing the three peaks was the most difficult hike we have ever done.  We arrived at London Victoria Coach Station at 11:30 expecting the following 5 days to be tiring, but definitely not as hard as it ended up being.  Half of the challenge, however, was travelling between the three mountains; we ended up sitting on coaches for over 42 hours.  This still wasn’t nearly enough time to recover from climbing though as we found after the first of our peaks, Ben Nevis.  For this initial climb, we woke up at 1:30 in the morning (to provide us enough time for travel) to then climb for roughly three hours in the pitch black.  After this we had a very steep walk up to the peak for roughly half an hour only to find the entire top viewing point was masked in clouds.  Despite this we still felt incredibly proud of ourselves after this first climb, especially after realising we were on the highest point in the UK.  However, this feeling changed a bit after climbing down for three hours when we thought are legs were going to fall off.  We then travelled back to England for the next climb, Scafell Pike.   For the next peak, we had the privilege of waking up a whole hour later than the day before, 2:30.  Again, this meant that we had an initial pitch-black climb up until about half way up the mountain, at which the point the clouds came in.  This part of our challenge was definitely the most difficult and dangerous as we could hardly see more than ten metres in front of ourselves.  This was especially annoying as we couldn’t even see the peak and as a result we ended up getting lost.  This wouldn’t have been an issue if we didn’t have to be down for 11:00 to start packing for the next set of coaches.  We did end up getting to the peak, this time with not as much pride and rather an eagerness to get down as soon as possible.  Of course, we did manage to get down with about half an hour to spare only to start packing for our next peak, Snowdon.   We definitely enjoyed our final climb the most: we got to wake up at about 7:00 and there were actually other people climbing up as well.  This last climb was tiring but after stopping half way up the mountain to have slush puppies from the café, we felt re-energised and ready to finish the three peaks.  The view from the top was amazing; with only a few clouds we were able to take brilliant photos and it helped us forget about our tired legs so we could focus on the fact that we had managed to finish the challenge.  We were exhausted and a bit hungry but we felt incredibly proud of ourselves and we would definitely encourage others to try the challenge themselves.  It was sad to climb down but at least we knew we could look forward to resting our legs when we got home.   Overall, I would say that we have definitely learnt a lot from the three peaks challenge.  We learnt that it isn’t a good idea to have tuna pasta every night and that waking up at 1:30 followed by 2:30 is just as bad as it sounds, but most importantly we learnt about what we can do when we persevere and keep trying even when we feel like we can’t go on.