Raynes Park High School 2016

Kavisha Patel, Aleksandra Dyoniziak, Anny Spilotros

‘3 peaks, 3 days, 3 girls’

Their story, in their words…..

“You never know what life will bring and living in the city limits our ability to physically test and strain ourselves, so we decided to do something about it: climb 3 peaks.

Despite coming of age we still live sheltered lives, away from true adventure, spontaneity and dependant on others so we grabbed this opportunity to spread our wings and fly into adulthood. As three young women the importance of chasing our dreams was even more critical, as despite living in an increasingly more equal society there are many countries where women do not have this freedom to travel. Even though we cannot liberate them by simply climbing a mountain, we did this for them as much as for ourselves. People doubt our strength and ability due to our size and gender, so we set to shatter these stereotypes and inspire others to do the same. Our aim was something which was doable, but not easy. Something that will frighten us at the start, cry during it and be proud at the end. So here’s our story.

A four hour coach journey took us to the beautiful Peak District, where we hiked up 3 mountains. One day even walking 26.63km!

The three of us knew this was going to be a big challenge, possibly the most physically demanding thing we have ever attempted. At the beginning we could handle it without a lot of difficulty, but soon the latitude and steep climb took a toll on us. Constantly stopping to catch our breath we pushed on, the views compensating for our discomfort. Upon reaching each peak we celebrated with some well earned snacks and drank in the views of the spectacular valleys surrounding us: high on life.

Now, two weeks has gone by since we did our Mark Evison challenge and we feel much stronger both physically and mentally. This taught us resilience, team work and the independence that is vital to fueling our future ambitions.