Pimlico Academy 2016

Raffi Arnavoudian, Haameem Rahman, Johan van der Werf

hiking in the lake district

Their story, in their words…..

“We first heard about the Mark Evison Foundation in year 11 and we were interested but chose not to partake because it was in the upcoming months before our exams, however in year 12 after the recent changes to the course structure of A levels we thought that it would be a better time to be funded by the foundation.

We then decided what we would like to do, we chose to go mountain hiking because none of us have done this before and we thought that it would be a great experience to have. We then looked online to finalise where we wanted to go. The lake district was one of the most highly recommended places to visit because of the beautiful scenery and lovely walks. We then decided where we would go in the Lake District, this was decided on distance from London, price of travel, beauty of location and possible campsites in the Area. We decided that we was to going visit Ambleside which is south of the Lake district because of the beautiful walks which we could go on.

We then found the closest campsite to Ambleside which was called low Wray campsite located next to Lake Windermere. It was about 45 minutes from Ambleside; the campsite had all the things that we needed. We then looked online to where we could find the Best places to walk in the area. We then purchased the correct OS Maps to help us find the correct routes and where the most challenging walks would be. Once decided on the walks we booked the coach tickets and the campsite. We then left for Ambleside, we arrived late in the dark and the rain, we then had to orientate ourselves and walk to the Campsite, upon arrival we set up the tents in the dark and rain which was difficult. For the first walk we left around 8 AM in the rain. We then walked into Ambleside, where our first walk began. We then left Ambleside and headed towards the Red Screes in the rain, we then reached Middledodd where our walk turned back towards Ambleside in a circular fashion. We then stopped to have lunch at the highest point in the walk which was very beautiful. The sun then came out as we started to return to Ambleside, which was very nice. We arrived back at the Campsite at around 5 pm, we then ate dinner at 6 and went to sleep soon after that.

The next day we set off at around 8 30am towards Scarfell pike, the day consisted of mostly clouds until around 3 pm when it started to get sunny. When we set off to Ambleside there was mist over the mountains and some of the closer hills. When we reached Ambleside we took a right out of Ambleside and we headed towards Fairfield, once reached Low Pike we had our lunch and admired the view, as the sun came out we reached Ambleside in a more horseshoe shaped hike, we then returned the campsite at around 6 pm where we then had our dinner. The next day we the left the campsite at 7 am to catch the 8 30 am coach back to London.

Overall the experience was fantastic as it helped to grow our confidence, team skills and organisation skills. The experience was fantastic and we were very thankful for the opportunity.”