Pimlico Academy 2013

Calvin Tran, Thomas McCallion, Tino Taylor-Bogdonov

searching for Saturn

Their story, in their words…

“It all started out with the idea that we would do something adventurous and exciting, something we hadn’t done before… On day two… we were walking up steep hills with rocks that were giving us blisters and cuts all over. It was a bit of a mental challenge as we had to block out the pain in order to get to the next destination before dark. So we started to sing songs that would keep us motivated and in sync with each other. As we pushed forward our injuries became worse, but we knew that if we continued, there would be a reward on the other end and so we did, fighting as hard as we could we finally made it up the last steep hill.…[day 4:] None of us could sleep as we were all too nervous and eager to find out if the stars were out. So when it was time, we stepped out of our tents and there before us was a sky covered in stars, it was like something out of a movie and we knew it was going to be a memory that we would treasure for the rest of our lives. We managed to get a picture of Saturn and the moon through the telescope.”