Pimlico Academy 2012

Matilda Fleming, Saskia Dammers, John Gibson, Coco Cripps, Jessica Collins, Jason Appleby-Sherring, Wednesday Smith-Waddell, Fila Mason-Bradshaw

the tree house

Their story, in their words…

“On the 27th of August we set off for Devon. Arriving in torrential rain we set up camp, where we would live for the next eight days. Our first step was to erect a scaffold and then over the next seven days we carried wood up the hill, measured, sawed, and screwed together our platform. Apart from this we also cooked, cleaned, got soaked, dried and got soaked again. Two of us would walk to the closest shop (four miles away) each day and at night we would talk around the campfire.

This project has not only created many memories we will hold dear (proving that women can be lumberjacks and staying up till sunrise on the last night), but also gave us the confidence that we can build something together. We all hope to visit the tree platform again soon, as it represents our hard work and friendship.”