Pimlico Academy 2018

Maya Rivers-Graham

Igloo project

Her story, in her words….

I set out to construct an eco-friendly 1.35 by 2.35 dome structure from bamboo and plastic bags on my own and had an unforgettable experience in doing so.

The assembly took longer than expected as, due to the size of the igloo, I had to break it into hexagonal sections for transportation (to be put together on the day) which left less time for the workshop and fundraising; however, I was still able to raise some money. This could have been avoided if I selected a 2v dome rather than 3v (which is more angular but more achievable and quicker to assemble for a first attempt). As well as this, I could have been more prepared and brought a second saw driver in case of the first one breaking. I was prepared enough to bring a second battery however.

From this epic experience, I gained sense of achievement and confidence in my ability to create large scale sculptures and create professional a design plan which will benefit me in the future as I’d like to be a prop maker for which being able to make and build from plans is vital. As well as this, the foundation has given me the tools I need to elevate my portfolio, by making such a large scale, 3D piece, for applications for a fine art foundation course next year and apprenticeships further in the future. I was able to hone my organisational skills (for the most part) in working my own created deadlines and now have extensive knowledge about geometric domes. It was very popular with the public and I was offered with the opportunity to give a talk of my experience and explain my plans to autistic children at a school in south London. I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity that has given me an unexplainable boost to achieve.