Pimlico Academy 2017

Keja-Dioklea Krasniqi

Fashion Show

Back in September 2016 when the Mark Evison Foundation came to speak to us, I knew that I wanted to put on a fashion show, as I aspire to be a fashion designer. People had their doubts, especially certain unsupportive teachers who told me I wouldn’t be able to do it (that’s funny). I had envisioned it all in my head and my models and friends were excited as it all began to feel real to them once I received the award. However, in my head this was still so unbelievable to me. I had nothing but £470 and my imagination. The show date was set and I got to work, sewing day and night. Everything was going well, until May. I lost a loved family member and my motivation decreased so low that I hadn’t sewn anything for three weeks straight. To make matters worse, one of my models had to drop the show altogether for personal reasons. Things went from bad to worse as it meant I only had two weeks to find a new model as well as completely remake five outfits. I felt so under pressure and under attack by certain teachers, as one had literally told me to give back the money and cancel the show. Thankfully, I had my friends to support me, as well as the Mark Evison Foundation who allowed me to push the show to a further date. This increased my motivation and I was back on track. I have never worked harder in my life and it was all out of excitement. I was ready for the show and I could not wait. Then, the morning of October 5th came, and I felt sick. I woke up with butterflies and I was emotionless. I realised this was the buzz of what the fashion industry feels like. After having one last rehearsal in the Hall, I was ready. At 5pm, people started walking in and taking their seats. The fashion show had begun and it all went so quick for me as I was backstage (panicking), dressing my models as fast as I could. The show went better than I could’ve ever imagined and my models looked absolutely wonderful. When it was over I had the biggest smile on my face and my loving friends and family to support me. It was by far the best and most influential day of my life and it was all thanks to the Mark Evison Foundation.