Pimlico Academy 2016

Hanif Hatab, Sin Kang Choong, Rahul Ramji, Guy Bowen Smith

‘y daith gerdded’, the walk

Their story, in their words…

“Inexperienced in surviving with our resources, we decided to hike around Wales for 6 days – a feat considered impossible to some. However to us, it was a once in a lifetime experience. We appreciated the time we devoted to plan and organise this expedition.

On the 22nd August, we began our journey from Victoria Coach Station with a 10 hour coach drive to Bangor. Having no idea what to expect ahead of us, the four of us were only able to chat and daydream about the challenges we’d face. The journey itself went very smooth and was cosy but by the time we arrived at Bangor, we were greeted with thunderstorms and clouds. The next day, we started our 26km walk towards the bottom of Snowdon Ranger Path where we camped for the first day. The route had many hills and we had not anticipated the steepness of the hills so we had more frequent breaks to charge ourselves. As we closed in on Snowdon, the terrain went from hard to muddy making it more difficult to walk around. By nightfall, we arrived putting our tents up with the stars and the moon as our source of light.

The next morning, we had a hot breakfast to warm us which included beans and bread. It was delicious compared to the snack bars we ate the day before! With our tummies filled and our motivation levels high, we were all determined to climb the Snowdon Ranger Path. However our backpacks and tents were too heavy for the steepness the mountain had, so we split into 2 groups with each duo climbing it separately while the other duo looked after the equipment. The view was amazing as we could see how much we travelled from a high altitude. The walk back down was more challenging as we could tumble down so we had to stop ourselves from doing so.

The next day, our muscles were still sore so we walked a small distance to a small town called Porthmadog to refill our supplies for the following days. By midday, the Sun was soaring hot making our lives even worse as our hiking bags would become warm and so would simultaneously warm us up. This meant we couldn’t have luxury foods such as bread – Yes bread was considered a luxury for us at that point. The walk to Garnfadryn was more enjoyable despite the warm weather as there was a cool stream next to our trail to refresh ourselves. Knowing that it would our last night in Wales, we amused ourselves by playing cards and relaxed.

At 6:00am we ate our last can of beans and hot dogs and departed from Garnfadryn. The walk felt different as it felt as we were going home too quickly and too easily. Unfortunately we were ill-fated as 2 out of 4 members of our team became seriously injured. This impacted our walk back by delaying us dramatically and it seemed that we might not be able to make it to the coach. As we limped to a close by town, we were fortunate to see that it was a popular city and they had buses to take us to Bangor. However the transfer of taking so many buses was still tedious as it did not take us to Bangor directly and we had to find the cheapest routes never the less we still made it back.

The coach back we realised that we gained so much experience and independence, not just with hiking but in life. It was also rewarding as we were able to understand the importance of the tiny things in life such as shelter. Having arrived back to the same place we started 6 days ago, we realised we were changed people.”