Mossbourne Community Academy 2011

Faruk Saliu, Brandon Onyagunga

5-day cycling challenge in france

Their story, in their words…

“During an assembly Margaret Evison came in and talked to us about her organisation including how it began and what they do. Mrs Evison told us about her late son Mark Evison; how brave he was, how he liked to challenge himself and how competitive he was, which was truly inspiring and inspired me to challenge myself and do something outside the norm.

Coming from a community that lacks opportunities, winning the Mark Evison Award enabled me to realise a dream. Having studied French at GCSE and becoming interested in the French culture I came up with an idea: ‘The Commune Challenge’, that also combined my love of cycling. A friend, Brandon Oyungunga, and I planned to do a bike ride where we cycled to 25 different communes (each commune roughly equal to the size of a borough) covering over a 130 km in the space of 3 days. I presented my idea to the Foundation and won the award.

The challenge was a test both physically and mentally. There were times, in the heat of the French summer and after hours of cycling, that Brandon I and felt like quitting, but through teamwork and determination we managed to complete it. Through doing the challenge I have learnt so much and had a major boost in self-belief and confidence. I planned the whole thing myself and I now know how to go about turning visions into reality. I would recommend anyone who wants to challenge themselves and has a dream to contact the Foundation.”