Mossbourne Community Academy and St Olav’s Grammar School 2018

Jia Guo, Sandra Karakas, Brandon Lynn

Scotland sea kayaking

Their story, in their words….

Our challenge was to kayak through Loch Ness to Inverness, covering 50km in under 3 days, all whilst unsupervised. The Loch Ness at first sight was daunting to the three of us, who’d had limited kayaking experience prior to the trip. On the first day, we took longer than expected, as there were difficulties closing the hatches where our bags were stored, and weren’t used to the intensity of continuous kayaking, despite having trained at a local kayak club. We arrived just before sunset to find out the wild campsite we came to stay at no longer existed… but we found a place eventually. The teamwork required to set up tents in pitch black was definitely vital!

Kayaking got smoother in the next couple of days and we began to enjoy ourselves a lot more, despite two members of our three-man team capsizing at least once each. The views were breathtaking and good pictures were not hard to come by!

On the last day of kayaking, we had a day spare, and that led to us exploring and getting to meet new people.

Budgeting was difficult as we spent most of our money on kayak rentals and transport to and from Inverness. Food planning was a task in itself but we organised ourselves well and had all the necessary food – mainly carbohydrates like brioche.

The Mark Evison Award definitely helped me to push my physical boundaries and do something a little out of my comfort zone.