Mossbourne Community Academy 2016

Benjamin Mulready-Carroll, Alfie Ritchie

milford haven to snowden, wales coastal walk

Their story, in their words…....

“After an early rise, we set off from Milford Haven with a sense of excitement and unease, venturing into the unknown realm of freedom from adult supervision. The first few days of the trip required a difficult adjustment from the comfort and warmth of our own beds and homes to a rain pelted tent and sleeping mats, however reaching Aberteifi (where the Pembroke coast Path ended for us) was a major event in boosting our morale. After a brief stop to admire the view and contemplate the distance we had covered, we left the Pembrokeshire coast behind us and made for the valleys. Approaching the Snowdonia national park in all its grandeur, we were filled with anticipation and the sense that this was where the real challenge would begin. And this, we soon discovered, was accurate. Many a day we walked through driving rain, but our seemingly rare sense of humour was invaluable in motivating us to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and, after a short while, heavy rucksacks, the rain, the dread of the distance yet to be covered turned from burdens to something to laugh about- either we were having fun or we were delirious. I’d say we were a bit of both.

For two teenage boys, it is with great difficulty that we say this, but Mount Snowdon coming into view was quite an emotional event. We began the Snowdon Ranger Path, and despite being one of the easier routes up, it still sent us to war with our legs, which had already endured nearly two weeks of walking. Reaching the top of this spectacular feat of nature filled us with the sensations we had been longing for since the beginning of our trip: achievement, self-worth, pride.

This trip, with all of its ups and downs, both figuratively and geographically, has taught us to roll with the inevitable punches that one experiences in life, always see the funny side of setbacks and, most of all, to have fun at every opportunity.

Thank you Mark Evison Foundation for this unforgettable experience!”