Mossbourne Community Academy 2015

Natasha Jacobs, Maisie Vollans

climb every mountain

Their story, in their words…

“As we drove into the forest at Berdorf, Luxembourg our excitement grew; our first glimpse of rocks and we both made tiny squeals. On our first day we began easy- our first climb was lovely and put Natasha at ease (she was a little nervous to begin with).  Navigating our guidebook proved harder than navigating the forest but we worked out the routes eventually and once we’d started, we couldn’t stop. Maisie put all the quick-draws in the first day. The next day, despite wearing several layers to sleep, we yet again woke up cold so padded up with two t-shirts, two jumpers and two coats- it was quite a look. The second day was definitely the best; we had moved onto 5s and Natasha found some good routes to put the quick-draws up on herself.  Our favourite climb went right around a corner and disappeared into the trees. The view was incredible and there was a lovely place to stand at the stop. The rope drag was awful though and because of the rock between us we had to shout to hear each other. The biggest climb of the day was a 26m slab (graded 6a) stretching above the tree-line. Maisie managed to lead it, and, with the rope ready, Natalie top-roped after her.  It felt incredible.

On day three, Maisie climbed her least favourite, one without an edge which looked completely flat (Natalie was too tired to attempt it). She didn’t follow the route completely and had to move left to finish, having taken a fall, but finish it she did and breathed quite a sigh of relief once her feet touched the ground. After winding down with a few easy climbs, we walked back to the camp, with limited time to pack up. Soon we were back in Gatwick and though we’d been faced with physical challenges we’d never have attempted before, saying goodbye was definitely one of the hardest.”