Major Award 2012

Poppy Ilderton, Josie Woodhams, Alice Baker, Amy Kunicki & Isabelle Brown

swimming the english channel

Their story, in their words…

“The first few legs were in complete darkness which was a new experience to us all and very disorientating. Despite the strong start, our problems soon started to mount; namely some horrific sea-sickness. Four of the five of us were afflicted to varying degrees but it was safe to say that with all the kit we packed the one thing we forgot to bring was our sea legs. With at least two of the team leaning over the back of the boat vomiting for the majority of the journey, we were seriously having to consider the possibility of abandoning the swim.

Thankfully around 9am the worst of the sea sickness had passed. Although we’d been able to see the French coastline ever since dawn, it had not seemed to be getting much closer and our apparent lack of progress was rather disheartening. Luckily our pilots and observer reassured us that we were in fact making excellent headway and as Alice got in for her third swim we knew this could be the one to finish it for us. Alice managed to scramble onto a rock just 10 hours and 50 minutes since she had entered the water in Dover and it eventually dawned on us that we had completed our swim. We travelled back to England delirious with excitement and exhaustion.

We all overcame our own challenges not only throughout the swim but over the past 18 months and we are all so proud of what we have accomplished.”