London Academy of Excellence and Forest School 2018

Norman Cistovas, Alexandra Webb, Jack Lau

Yr Wyddfa Expedition


Their story, in their words….

Our Snowdon hiking expedition took place from the 9th-13th of July. It consisted of 2 days traveling by coach for 10 ½ hours to and from London to Snowdon. And 3 days hiking up and around Snowdon while taking pictures of the scenery along our journey.

Day 2 was our first hiking day where we planned to walk up the Snowdon ranger path to the summit and then back down the Pyg Track. This was meant to take us around 6 hours of walking, but instead took us about 8 ½ hours as we didn’t realise how long it would take us to get to the Snowdon ranger track. We had also noticed before we started our walk that we had mistakenly marked down the Llyn Gwynant campsite in the wrong place. This we easy to rectify as we used the navigation skills we had to plan a short 30-40 minutes’ walk to our campsite for the night.

On Day 3 we decided to change our route slightly as the day before had tired us out too much. Instead of walking up Snowdon and down again we instead created a walking route which meant we could visit a lake located close to the campsite. This meant that we could do a walk that was not so strenuous on our bodies and would still be safe to walk as there had been rain throughout the night and early morning.

Day 4 We ascended the Miners Track up Snowdon and after taking our last few pictures at Snowdon summit we descended the Llanberis Path. We decided to take a small detour to visit Ceunant Mawr Waterfall before heading to our last campsite in Llanberis.

Day 5 consisted of us getting the bus and coach back to London.

On reflection our trip went extremely well as we managed to work together to correct any planning mistakes we had created. We also learnt each of our own limits, so it was good to take a break on the 3rd day to just sight see and do some short walks. Two of us got our first aid awards and luckily didn’t have to use any of those skills that we had learnt as we were all careful while walking both up and down the mountain. We have learnt new skills in time management and teamwork but also in how to organise and plan a hiking expedition.