Langley Park School for Girls 2018

Chloe McPherson, Rafia Tanvir

the Queen's Walk

Their story, in their words….

What we did
Our project was centred around photography and using creative skills. Since we had never done professional photography before, we attended several photography and editing training sessions at school with our photography teacher.

We wanted to showcase the various landmarks and architecture in the city we live in, so we mapped out a route around London. We tried this out on a practise day. The landmarks and buildings were chosen based on if we felt we could take interesting and artistic photographs of them.

On the real challenge day we travelled around London and took several photographs of each landmark. We then spent a few days editing the pictures using photoshop to add various layers which gave a more colourful and vibrant feel to our photographs.

We prepared for an exhibition which took place at a school sixth form event. All our photographs were displayed and a refreshments table was set up. We were able to speak the new year 12’s about the Mark Evison Foundation, explain what we had done and present our work.

How it went:
In the beginning we struggled with planning and it took a lot of time and effort to take good quality pictures and edit them correctly. However we were really proud with the outcome.

The exhibition was very challenging as although people were very positive and impressed with our photographs it was hard to get people interested in actually buying the photographs. However after explaining what his whole scheme was about and the fact we were raising money for the Mark Evison foundation we did manage to sell 8 photographs making a total of £40.

What we got out of it:
From this experience, we have definitely gained planning and organisation skills. We are also far more familiar with travelling around London. We feel more resilient when it comes to challenges and appreciate the feeling of achieving something we once wanted to give up on.

Finally now that our challenge is complete, we just want to say a big thank you to the Mark Evison Foundation for giving us this opportunity. We hope this scheme can continue so lots of other young people get to challenge themselves in this way.