Lady Margaret School 2018

Clara Forbes, Melisa Sade, Romy Nutbourne, Louisa Bass

Hike up Snowdon & district

Their story, in their words….

The journey to Wales planned out perfectly, we all made it on time to our coach and trains – even managing to catch an earlier one in Liverpool! When we finally arrived at the campsite, just our luck, it began to pour down with rain. This made the task of putting up the tent a little more challenging. Tent made it up and we were ready to begin our Craflwyn circular walk. This was a very simple walk that we all just enjoyed for the views that you get to see along the way, once back at our tent we all thoroughly enjoyed our first dinner despite a few minor technical difficulties when trying to figure out the biolite. Day 2 begins and we start with the Mynydd Mawr Walk, taking us around 6 hours. We especially enjoyed this walk due to the isolated position on Snowdon. We then enjoyed a much earned lunch back at camp. While w were supposed to walk around the Llyn Cwellyn this afternoon, we all made the decision to instead go to the Llyn Cwellyn and just relax there for a little because the travelling tiredness had definitely caught up with us. Here, Clara taught us all how to skim stones and we just took lots of pictures of the amazon lake. The day had come to hike Snowdon! We headed out at around 10am, starting with a little confusion as to where the start point was but we found it eventually with some help from the locals, all four of us in high spirits! We stop just under half way up for some lunch, where there are beautiful views. We made it to the top by around 2:30pm! We spent a little bit of time at the top to get a little bit of food and get energy levels back up, finally making it to the bottom again by around 5:30pm. The next day we just completed the Cwn Pennant walk as we did not appreciate beforehand when planning how tired and achy we were going to be from Snowdon. But the Cwn Pennant was the most scenic of the walks and harder than the others due to the footing being a little lose. This was a really hard one to complete after we were feeling very run down by this point! We had made it to the final day, completing the final walk around the Llyn Ogwen, a very relaxing, slow paced walk for the last day. We got back, packed and headed back off to London all in one piece. We all enjoyed the trip very much and are very grateful to the Mark Evison Foundation for making this possible. We did not think that we would be able to complete this challenge as fully as we have done, and have never felt more proud of ourselves. We’re coming for you, Ben Nevis!!!