Lady Margaret School 2018

Leena Hamidullah, Paniz Bairankhah, Aya Mohamed, Lara Dally

City kids take on country peaks

Their story, in their words….

For our Mark Evison challenge, we decided to complete 3 hikes in the Yorkshire Dales.
On the first day, we all met at 5am and headed towards London Victoria coach station. We were all so excited, but the journey to our accommodation was awfully long, so we were all very tired when we arrived.

The next morning, we headed out to complete our first hike up Pen-y-ghent and Whernside. At first, we found Pen-y-ghent quite easy, but when we were half way up, the hills became a lot steeper. The views were magnificent up this peak, but it was also icy cold. We stopped for a quick lunch before heading out to Whernside. This second peak was most difficult. The view stretched for miles at the top, but we were all too exhausted to really appreciate it.

On the third day, we climbed up Ingleborough. Along the way we saw plenty of sheep, goats and even fluffy cows. This hike was most enjoyable, because by this point we were used to the steepness, and completed it in a shorter time than expected.

On the fourth day, we headed out towards Malham. We woke up a little late, but still decided to go ahead with the plan, we just had to walk quickly. We got lost several times along the way, and nearly lost our map to the wind. The walk was endless and some of us nearly gave up, but we finally made it. We arrived at Malham at 7pm, and although it was very beautiful, we began to worry about how we were going to get back to our accommodation. A barmaid advised us to get a minicab and then take the train- as this would be cheaper. However, the taxi driver took us to the wrong station and drove away. We began to panic, as the correct station was far away, and the last train was coming in 20 minutes. We asked a local the directions to the correct station, but instead he kindly drove us there. We just made it onto the train, which took us back to our accommodation.
On the last day, we packed our bags and headed back to London.

Despite the ups and downs, our trip to Yorkshire was amazing. We met a lot of lovely people and learnt a lot of life skills. We are truly grateful and thankful to the Mark Evison Foundation for supporting and giving us this opportunity.