Kingsdale Foundation School 2018

Sylvain Letall, Timothy Henderson, Fabien Coomber

Cleveland Way

Their story, in their words….

After the five-hour coach journey to Leeds, we waited for the first 843 bus to Malton where we planned to take another bus to Helmsley. When we got to Malton we had already missed the bus which came once every three hours however there was nearby taxi hire which we used to reach Helmsley to start the walk.

In Helmsley we picked up some supplies at the local Co-op and ventured forth along the Cleveland Way. After walking ten miles down the path it was getting late and we realised that we couldn’t finish the day’s walk due to fatigue from the journey. We then called up the campsite to tell them we couldn’t make it and wild camped along the path.

This lead to further troubles the next day since to keep on track with the timing we had to finish both the first and second days walk in only one. As well as this the terrain was hillier than we predicted causing a troublesome day of walking indeed. Although this lead to great views over Yorkshire from the top of the hills. We ended up arriving at Park Farm at about two in the morning after getting lost in the neighbouring field however we called in advance and the owner was fine with it.

The walk to Margrove wasn’t nearly as bad as the previous day, so after a good lie in we made it there easily.

On the fourth day we walked 17 miles north to Runswick Bay giving us our first proper sight of the coast.

On the fifth day we encountered even more troubles. After the previous walk we were feeling fatigued and one of us came down with a stomach bug. We then realised that walking 20 miles was going to be too difficult in our state, so we decided to take a bus from Runswick to Whitby where we bought further supplies. This left us with about half the distance which we managed to complete reaching Bent Rigg. When we reached Bent Rigg Farm we caught fleeting glimpse of a badger which was exciting.
The rest of the walk was mostly downhill, so we made it to Row Brow Farm our final campsite, quite easily.

On the last day we completed the final stretch of the walk to Filey. After we arrived and took in the amazing coastal view, we were forced to take a bus back to Scarborough so as to not miss our bus back to Leeds and therefore our Megabus back to London.

After going on this journey, having planned it completely by ourselves (with the Foundation’s guidance) the three of us feel far more independent. Realising that in just a year’s time we’ll be off on our own, starting our lives.
This experience allowed us to really think for ourselves, it forced us to make split decisions, like having to completely change the plan on the first day due to our own misunderstanding of the actual length of the walk. Although it was difficult, being alone with no outside help gave us confidence in our ability to make and follow plans, and we still all look back on this experience positively.