Kingsdale Foundation School 2017

Rohan Prasad, Elian Shamkhi Al-sabti and Angus Mackley

Go Kart

a) Our initial idea when we first heard of the Mark Evison Foundation was to make something fast. We had initially made a smaller drift racer which, although looking impressive, failed to perform. With the grant of £500 however, we believed we could make a efficiently make a go kart which could challenge the top speed of Usain Bolt. We researched more into the idea and found that making anything out of metal is harder than it looks, especially with limited experience, however we were determined to give it a try. We brought all the relevant parts, a lot of metal and borrowed a welder from a family friend. We didn’t have a strict plan, but with a bit of trial and testing and a vision in our heads, we set about building.
b) Upon starting the challenge, we realised that there were to be a lot of problems to overcome as we progressed. Aside from being not being given all parts we had purchased, we realised that welding and metal work isn’t only a skilled ability, but it takes a long time. We set about cutting all our pieces and metal into lengths we had measured before, and drilled relevant holes to the frame. We believed a sturdy frame would be crucial to the kart, so we thoroughly practised welding before the real thing. We welded our frame, attached the tires to the wheels and built the rear axis by fitting many parts together. We then set about constructing the front axle and making relevant joists to hold the seat. We continued through the work, but complications revolving the all the pieces of the steering made progress hard. We are currently finishing off the front axle and wheels and hope to complete the brake and throttle cable in the near future.
c) By taking on this challenge, we have not only learnt to use power tools and a welder competently, but we have vastly improved our sequencing of construction and team coordination. Through building the kart, we now understand that dividing up relevant tasks and working as a group really helps our efficiency. We hope to improve these skills further and to therefore increase the speed of the construction. However, our main goal is to just get the go kart up and running and see how fast we can push it.