King Solomon Academy 2016

Mohammed Jamiluddin, Sakib Mohammed, Imaad El-Huraibi, Mohammed Nafisul Haque

robotics project

Their story, in their words….

“The objective of this project was to analyse a variety of components which robotic systems implement into their functions and in doing so build a prototype encompassing various elements of the research that is covered. This was done in order to acquire the knowledge behind programming and constructing (using software, equipment and robotware) a fully functional programmed robot. We spent the winter beginning our plans for the robot mapping out what parts we could order to be able to construct it. Our main aim was to finalise the products and their prices so that we could move on to look at how to build the robot. In the summer term, after exams, we then began to build the robot however construction and programming was delayed till mid August due to our time being devoted to other commitments such that scheduling times to meet up and work on the project was limited. Key challenges we faced have been with the programming of the robot and finalising which software to use whilst also learning the way in which to code the software. We also faced the issue that the robot was unresponsive to some forms of software due to errors in the code which we also had to look into.Overall, however, the experience of building this robot has been very unique in that we have been able to combine our skills and acquire new skills to come together and map out as well as construct a robot. It helped develop our coding skills as well as improve our knowledge of the primary functions of certain parts inside the robot itself. Alongside these skills we were able to grasp the true complexity behind sourcing the parts for the robot and the sheer amount of work required in the initial stages of the project to ensure that we were able to follow through with constructing the robot.”