Jo Richardson Community School 2016

Jennifer Ochonma

‘simply thanks’

Her story, in her words…..

“To organise an activity for young children to make mother’s day cards should be fun and stress-free I thought to myself. The reason I decided to do something like this is because I feel women especially mothers are underrepresented in society and that mother’s day is not fully celebrated with its full meaning.

It wasn’t until I actually started carrying out the project that I realised how much hard work it was going to be. Planning for the project, as well as still following my daily schedule was difficult. So how did the project start? To begin with I started looking for styles of mother’s day cards to do- it would need to be simple and easy to do and still involve and keep the children engaged. Two types/designs of cards were selected so that the children would be able to choose which design they wanted to do and a variety of colours from the template to make it personal; whether it’s for an aunty, grandma, sister or female cousin. Each child was able to write their own message in the card. I altered my original plan from just Mother’s Day as appreciated that not every child is lucky enough to be able to celebrate that day with their mother.

I decided to look at a catalogue to select the materials needed to make the cards. Whilst I waited for the materials, arrangements were being made with William Ford C of E Junior School, to see organise the exact dates and times of the project. This was done by sending emails to the school, and explaining the benefits of this project. I also went to speak with the teacher in charge of Year 3.

When the materials came, I made some templates and rough copies of how the mother’s day cards would look. This was just to give me an insight of how simple making the cards was going to be. When the day arrived, I started getting butterflies in my stomach, “will they like me”, “what if I’m not able to do this”, “what if it all goes wrong!!” all these different thoughts were rushing in my mind. My friends were able to reassure me. Having them help me in delivering the project gave me confidence as well.

While doing the activity I was able to talk to the children and tell them to treat their mothers nicely, hug and kiss their mothers and say please and thank you. With this little activity I feel that I was able to teach them a life lesson on how having a womanly figure in your life can help them in many ways and also mould them into great people.
Being quite an introvert, this activity made me able to talk to people more openly and freely. It also made me to understand how year 3 pupils understand things. I find standing in front of a group of people and taking charge really difficult, so I was challenging my own abilities and confidence as well. Doing this has really made me more of an outgoing person, since then I have been more willing and able to express my opinions, feelings and thoughts in any situation. It has also taught me how to manage my time. All this hard work really paid off at the end because it was so fulfilling to see smiles on the children’s faces.”