Jewish Free School 2015

Eytan Merkier

building the Evison wind turbine

Their story, in their words…

“My project is to build a wind turbine to produce renewable energy. The science behind renewable energy solutions interests me greatly, especially in this day and age.

This is an extremely challenging task as it incorporates many advanced forms of engineering.  This project contains three hurdles: learning the aerodynamic principles that will allow me to maximise the efficiency of the wind turbine (1), designing the wind turbine blades with computer aided design (CAD) (2), and manufacturing and assembling the turbine using rapid prototyping and other manufacturing processes (3).

I am currently working on prototype 3 of the wind turbine. Overall this will be a feat of many months of labouring efforts, filled with academic rigour, trial and error, frustration, sweat inducing elbow grease, but finally an ultimate sense of satisfaction. ¬†This project is opening up the world of practical science I have been yearning for.”