Jewish Free School 2017

Eva Jacobs Savanna Leboff, Hanna Masters, Maya Spencer-Jacobs

Majority Rules Game Show

Presenting a charity gameshow was the least of our challenges when we also had to organise, write and advertise the ‘Majority Rules’ gameshow at our school. After having attained the use of the theatre at the school, we began to advertise the gameshow to student and teachers alike, emphasising the gameshow as the ‘opposite to Pointless’ with questions such as ‘which teacher is the best dressed?’ We sold tickets to play and watch, which we all enjoyed thoroughly. The day itself was hectic with a large turnout of students and teachers debating within teams of 4 where the best place in the school was to hide a body among other questions. We excelled in managing the logistics of collecting dozens of answer slips as well as successfully presenting our gameshow in front of over 100 people. We immensely enjoyed the experience and rose to the challenge, and also raised over £300 for our charities from ticket proceedings. Not only did we conquer some of our greatest fears (public speaking, organisation etc.), but we helped those in need in the process.