Haydon School 2017

Lydia Boffey, Lucy Chamberlain


Their story in their words…

We decided in April 2017 that we would love to combine our two passions, writing scripts and writing music, for a piece that we could perform for a good cause, but also to experience the challenges of putting on a show! After realisation of the time constraints (since projects are for year 12 students only) we decided that rather than writing a full 2 hour musical, we would write and musically accompany four monologues and songs for four characters that embody our experiences as teenagers; personal growth and standing up for yourself, your first relationship, worrying about the future and independence and finally those moments when you just feel so trapped by the pressure of growing up that you can’t think or care about any of those things anymore.

This was a very cathartic process for the both of us in putting thoughts to paper, and getting the same message across in the songs and conveying the thought process through instrumentals. In this way the writing was also quite challenging because we had to fill the time we had aimed to give each character, but also be succinct and ensure they flowed easily into each other.

Another challenging aspect was the administration side of the project. We had to correspond with various teachers from different departments, the foundation, the cast, lighting technicians, a guitarist and our friends and family to gather together audiences for both show nights. As a result we both now fully understand how much work must be put in behind the scenes before you can achieve the performance, a rehearsal or even a meeting.

The project also meant that we could work in the music studio at school to record the music from the show onto an EP to sell at the performances. We really enjoyed actually getting to sing the songs we’d been hearing our cast sing for the past few months!

Our audiences really did enjoy the show and we felt a whole new sense of pride with our own enjoyment; being the creators not the performers is an entirely different responsibility, with the unfamiliar thrill of watching other people perform your work. We have enjoyed the project immensely and are very proud of the students and staff who volunteered, gave up their time and worked so hard to help us make it all possible.