Haydon School 2016

Katherine Sephton, Samirra Froyalde

children’s guide to the south’s walks

Their story, in their words……

“Initially we planned to complete multiple walks based around London, some of which are already known walks, some of which we created. These walks were all picked to be accessible from London and therefore used public transport such as the Underground to get to the walks. The outcome of completing these walks was an online child-friendly guidebook that children based in London could use to make going on walks more possible and fun.

Overall the process went well and, while we were on the walks and while we were producing the guidebook, we continuously improved our plan to generate the best product possible. We put a lot of work into making sure the guidebook was suitable for children of a specific age range and not something you would need to be an adult to read. Now that we have completed the project I feel that our communication and team working skills have vastly improved as our discussions and combined efforts led to real progress. Also looking back on the process as a whole I feel proud what we have produced and the time and research we put into it.”