Haydon School 2015

Hannah Pearce, Louise O’Regan, Sacha Bhuchar

hadrian’s wall disability awareness walk

Their story, in their words…

“We walked 93 miles (84 miles along the Wall) in 6 days, between 6th and 13th July 2015. The Walk was designed to push us both mentally and physically to complete the length of the wall, whilst also raising awareness for various disabilities. Two members of the group were ‘disabled’ [simulating a disability] for the duration, including deafness, whilst the other member acted as a guide.

Issues such as sunburn were only dealt with through a group effort to overcome them, and meant that we were required to work as a team to ensure that no member of the group was left hurt. Whilst along the Wall, we were well looked after by local campsite owners, who allowed us to stay in their campsites, and offered us help should we need it- whilst also providing local knowledge.

The terrain of the Wall meant that the walk was harder than we had imagined- particularly on the 3rd day of the walk, which led to numerous ascents and descents, the average of which was 984ft. The weather mainly consisted of rain, and this, coupled with blisters, cow herds, and tired legs meant that it was hard to find motivation on some days, but as a group we managed.

Overall, it was a challenging and stimulating walk, which left us with an appreciation for the difficulty of living with disabilities, and the difficulty of acting as a carer. We are all very thankful to the Mark Evison Foundation for enabling to complete this challenge.”