Hatcham College 2017

Ayotunde Norman-Williams

Short animated cartoons

1. What I planned to do:
I planned to animate a short film, based on my feelings and experiences as I started at a new school.
2. What has been happening:
Once I had my idea, animating an exaggerated version of my school experience, I got to work designing characters. I went for a style inspired by my favourite cartoons and anime, bright and vibrant. Once I had the main six fully visualised (they went through some tweaking over time, but the foundation was there), I went on to writing a script. My first draft was, frankly, terrible, so I went through a good few iterations, before finally hitting a version I was completely happy with. The perfectionist within me wouldn’t have it any other way. At this point, the funding from the Mark Evison Foundation came through (thanks again!), and I used that to purchase a microphone setup and a hard drive for the project. Now that I had everything I needed, it was time to find voice actors, for the six main characters and the ‘villain’. From the beginning, I was certain that I would be playing one of the characters (the one who was 100% based on me), but the challenge was finding six others. However, it was a lot easier than I thought; I put up a poster at school and it worked! I was able to fill up 4 of the roles that way, along with finding people to help with artwork and music. As the school year drew to a close, I still needed two more voices, so I turned to a voice acting website. There I found two more voice actors; in the summer, I got those recordings and put them all together. Finally, my short was starting to come to life. Since then, I’ve been animating, drawing non-stop to get it done, and (still) thinking of a name for it.
3. How I am finding it:
I’ve been finding the project amazing, overall. Doing this has taught me so many skills, like animation, voice acting, screenwriting and project management. The fact that I’m doing this independently has given me a lot of motivation to get it done, and I know it’ll be a proud moment once it is.