Hasmonean High School 2016

Yona Davis, Racheli White

epilepsy booklet

Their story, in their words……

“Yona unfortunately suffered from epilepsy for 3 years, and wanted to help others out there, who may feel that they are the only one going that experience. We thought to create a helpful booklet. It would have to be relatable to others out there, whilst also giving advice from personal experience.

The writing of the text for the booklet challenged both of us, as we had to ensure we had the right balance of clear and useful writing, while having a friendly tone, and personal touch. We managed to complete the actual writing over a few months. Now that we have completed the project, we feel very proud of our accomplishment and we hope that any money that is raised from the purchase of the booklet will be go towards our chosen charities: Mark Evison Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital (Where Yona had her operations) and Young Epilepsy (who aim to help all young adults suffering from epilepsy).”