Hasmonean High School 2015

Natalia Gutman, Liora Resnick, Tamara Carr

creating an illustrated children's book

Their story, in their words…

When first hearing about the Mark Evison Foundation, we knew right away that we had a project to get started with. As three very close friends, all sharing the same love of English, it only seemed fitting that we should publish a children’s book, setting ourselves a bigger challenge than we imagined.

We had multiple aims for ‘Fun at the Fair Ground’ the obvious to create and publish the book ourselves, but we also felt that it had potential as a tool to raise money, something that we never lost sight of during the process. Being able to complete both our aims has been an unbelievable experience, as we have achieved something amazing for ourselves, whilst being able to give back to the wider community.

Once the initial text was written, it enabled Tammy to create some ideas of what illustrations to draw. Over the next four months, whilst Natalia and I worked on finalizing details of price, how to tackle the market and editing the text itself, Tammy worker tirelessly to draw all of the beautiful illustrations.

Finally, when we had all finished our parts of the project, Natalia skillfully put the words with the illustrations, creating the actual product.

I think that the trickiest part of this project has been the time scale. Originally, we didn’t expect it to take as long as it has, however, in hindsight, I don’t think we really understood the amount of work it would be, or the difficulties we would have balancing it with school – work.

Regardless however, we have still been motivated to complete the target that we set ourselves back in June, and we are truly delighted that ‘Fun at the Fair Ground’ has gone to print and that we are now selling them.