Harlington School 2015

Ahmad Amiri, Ekansh Sharma, Samatar Ali

cycle to isle of wight

Their story, in their words…

“When we initially came up with the idea of cycling to isle of Wight and back it was dismissed by a lot of people as overambitious and nearly impossible but instead of letting this deter us we decided to use this as fuel to turn this idea into a reality.

In the coming months we spent numerous weekends cycling in the surrounding areas around Heathrow and found loads of hidden gems such as café giro (it’s a cyclist café) which was literally on our doorstep and we were unaware of it. After months of planning and fundraising in the form of sponsors for our trips we decided to start our challenge in July.

With 4 months of training and planning in our bags we set off at 7 am on the 14th of July. We cycled at a steady pace and took regular breaks to avoid fatiguing our bodies and not be in a fit state to cycle the rest of the journey. All of us were surprised at how much distance we were covering and what we were capable of having always underestimated ourselves. On the first day and camped up in Woking. This was particularly fun as 2 of us had never camped before.

The second day we cycled all the way to Portsmouth and camped just outside town. The next morning we boarded the first ferry to Isle of Wight and views were as beautiful as you can get. Jumping back on our bikes we expected the island to be flat but it was anything but  – the island is a particularly hilly island but we were advised by the numerous cyclists on the island about the best routes to take with a sea view towards our inn for the night.

We set off the next morning and spent our fourth night in Aldershot and had an early night for the much needed rest. One piece of advice we would give to future people pursuing a challenge is to use supplies as and when needed as you will regret all the weight if you don’t use especially if you have hills to climb.

We set off again the next morning and got back in Heathrow early evening having loved every minute of the challenge.  Little did we know that we would miss our time on the road and the time spent together camping. Even though it was tough we pulled through by helping each other and commitment that no matter what we would not quite and the in the 4 nights and 5 days on the road we covered over 200 miles.”