Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College 2018

Jordan Chris Katako, Michael Taribo, Harrison Sylvester, Darmani Richards, Adeniyi Adedoyin, Jude Wasdell Harris, Kuda Chani

B2B - bike ride to Brighton

We are delighted to say that we managed to complete the Mark Evison challenge, and finish our bikeride to Brighton. The trip was massively challenging, and certainly had
its ups and downs – from cyling through beautiful sunlit golden fields to standing in the pouring rain fixing tire punctures, the trip certainly was eventful and demanding.
The challenge required teamwork and dilligence, and was a rigorous test of our team spirit. We are delighted to say that we stood firm, and despite facing so many moments
where we were on the brink of quitting, managed to push through in the end. The whole team are physically and mentally shattered, but we have all shown admirable qualities
on the trip, both as individuals and as a team. We’d like to say a massive thankyou to everyone at Mark Evison, who of course ensured we had the funding and resources available
to complete this great challenge. We’re so appreciative of your work, and you’ve given us a story, a journey and an experience that none of us will ever forget. We all can’t
wait to get back to school and tell everyone how it went. We’re all so thankful. Unfortunately the team faced tasks that prevented us from completing the bike ride
back to London. While we were able to cycle all the way back to Redhill station from Brighton, it was at this point where one of the team members bike was literally
ran over by a member of public, who then drove off in her car, leaving the front wheel of the bike crushed. We were massively disappointed, both by the destruction of the bike
and also the drivers behaviour, who refused to co-operate after running over our bicycle that was parked in a safe place on the street. We were thus forced to take the train back from Redhill,
and we’re really sorry we couldn’t complete the whole trip, we hope you’ll understand. However, we do still believe that the challenge was a massive success, and we’re all
very grateful to have taken part in such a wild adventure. We’d just like to reiterate how truly thankful we are for this experience, and will definitely be advocating
that the younger year groups in our school take part in the Mark Evison challenge too.