Greenshaw High School
& Glenthorne High School 2015

Elizabeth Lane, Heather Phillips

project british wildlife

Their story, in their words…

“Our plan is to celebrate British wildlife by capturing rare species on camera, and then using these create artworks to exhibit and auction off to the local community. We want to raise money for wildlife charities and inspire others to conserve our natural countryside. It was a daunting task being given so much responsibility, which was something we had never had before. The opportunity gave us a unique occasion to develop our creative minds and independence as well as our fitness levels.

Covering roughly 4 miles a day over 7 days, we experienced breath-taking nature amongst the countryside across London and Kent, witnessing the great variation in nature between settings. Camping amongst the English countryside, resting by the fire after a tiring days walk was the highlight of the trip, particularly in the ancient 250 acre woods of Badgell. However, each day was a physical and mental challenge to overcome the many hills and temperatures of each day, whilst trying to capture suitable photos. Nature was unpredictable and we were unsure of what lay ahead.

The most poignant image captured was that of a blurry kestrel as it fished out of murky polluted water as it proved nature can flourish even in the toughest of conditions. Nothing can compare to that of our landscape and it truly made us appreciate wildlife making us want to do more for the preservation of our surroundings. Another challenged faced was trying to capture the scenery we saw in a way that did it justice. We wanted to express the true beauty of our wildlife, something that belongs to all of us, something we can all value and hopefully show what need preserving. Our exhibition is coming up next term.”