Glenthorne High School 2018

Sampanna Thapa, Albert Egorov, Harry Head, Richard Jarvis, Elliott Wilson, Pavel Zabarsky

The Beacon Babies

glenthorne breconTheir story, in their words….

On the 12th August 2018, we embarked on a journey to the Brecon Beacons. We stayed at the Cwmdu Campsite where we travelled during the day and returned by evening. Our main goal was to climb the highest hills surrounding us. Some of which included the infamous Black mountains and Waun Fach. This was something completely new to all of us as we have never navigated around area by ourselves or help from adults. This was our biggest challenge but we had prepared for map navigation before arriving and some had completed DofE and Scouts to enhance their skills. Nevertheless, this was a challenge we were keen on completing. In the end we climbed numerous hills and accumulated over 2000m in vertical height above sea level and over 60 km in distance. We also went to small, historic Roman forts around us as well as visiting one of the bigger cities near us, Crickhowell where one of our members fell in love with the motorbike shop they had there. We also found the River Usk and decided to go into the river and enjoy the water. Unsurprisingly, many toes and shins we’re bumped on the slippery rocks that day leaving us with pain for the rest of the evening. From the experience, we have learned to always be prepared for any scenario, developed better communication skills, improved our navigation skills and have been inspired to push ourselves further. We have started to even think about attempting other high peaks around the UK from our time at the Brecon beacons. Additionally, we acknowledge the benefits of a cooperative team in difficult situations, whether it be getting lost on the hike, or who cleans the dishes that evening. But in all, it was a great moment in our lives and will be able to look back on it with knowing we enjoyed our youth to it’s fullest.